+ Do you accept credit card payments?

+ Will my animals be electrocuted?

+ Will it kill my child?

+ What sort of deterrent is the electric fence?

+ Can a criminal place something like a blanket or rubber matt on top of the fence to gain access?

+ Is it possible to connect the fence to my rapid response company?

+ What would happen if the wires were cut?

+ What sort of voltage is in the fence?

+ Will my monthly electricity account increase dramatically?

+ What happens should there be a power failure?

+ Does tree branches have an effect on the fence?

+ Is there a governing body that regulates Electric Fence installers?

+ Is an electrified fence safe?

+ What about lighting strikes?

+ Can I install electric fencing on top of any type of boundary?

+ Are all the wires on the fence live? Is it possible to touch one or two wires and not to get shock at all?

+ What are the legal issues regarding an electric fence installation

+ What about repairs and maintenance on existing systems?

+ Do i have to connect my Outdoor Beam System to my Alarm System, i heard that you get frequent false alarm?

+ Do you also install infra red beams for outside use?

+ On a new installation, do you think it would be better to have a full height electric fence or 2m palisade with electric fence on top?

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