To estimate a price per meter for the supply and installation of an electric fence is almost as difficult as to predict the weather in a months time. It is inaccurate and places you as the customer in a sense of un-realistic expectation. The most accurate manner is a site assessments to establish a proper costing for your fence. We are receiving fast amounts of web related inquires on the price of an electric fence. To assist you as the customer and us as a service provider, we need to establish a lot of details pertaining to the property that needs protection. 

Go onto Google maps to establish your perimeter that needs protection, verify and measure the distances. 

Take photos of the walls, steps, gates and vegetation. All this impacts pricing. 

Establish the hight of the fence, 6, 8, 10 or 12 strand brackets. Hight and length of fence determines amount of wire to be used.

Clearly mark your corners and ends where the fence stops and carrier on, this is needed for the placements of stays. Further more it is to establish tension points on the fence. 

Where will you have the energizer installed, it is to be connected onto the alarm system. How far from the fence will the energizer be. Route to follow. Siren and strobe location. 

How long are the gates and how will the HT cabling be taken from the one side of the gate to the other. Does paving need to be lifted and re packed.

Depending on the amount of brackets, tension points and stays we can establish the amount of coach screws, nail ins and plugs to be used.

The unforeseen is what we add onto the quotation that makes the quotation complete. Conduit, HT cabling, Danger Boards, Lightning diverters, Earth Spike, Ferrules, Gate contacts, Sundries, Fence monitor lights and lastly the labor part of it. 

As you can see there is a lot of parts that forms a electric fence. Gather your information, take the pictures, do the measurements and we can assist with the estimated costing. 

Otherwise, do as our existing 400 plus Electric Fence customers. Contact us, make a booking and make use of our free quotation service. We have a sales manager there to assist.


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