The basic system consists of the BS102 energizer plus a control unit.
The control unit has full control on all functions of the BS102. However, if communication should fail, the BS102 can still make its own decisions regarding when to switch on a siren or strobe light. If more complicated systems are required, all the building blocks to realize different configurations are available.
The advantage of this approach is that the basic system fulfils the minimum requirements at market related cost. Any system can however be assembled, with additional cost for each extra requirement.
Up to 127 BS102 units can be controlled via the Stinger PC program, in combination with other Stinger products like SDS, CDS and BS120 Systems.
The BS102 is a two-zone system. There is no need for an HT return wire, as an End of Line Resistor (EOL) terminates each zone at the end of that zone. The advantage of this system is, that it is now impossible for criminals to by-pass the system by shorting the live- and return wire at the beginning of the fence, which is common practice with standard energizers.


Monitoring  of three different functions for each zone. (HT current monitoring)
During a short circuit or arcing situation, the current flowing into the live wire will momentary rise above a predefined level, resulting in an “HT Short” Alarm. (HT Current Monitoring)
Three consecutive shorts are required before an alarm situation is announced. (LV current monitoring)
An independent operating LV(Low voltage) monitor measures the LV Loop currents, which are determined by the End of Line Resistors. Should the live wire be cut, this current will drop below a pre-determined value, resulting in an “open circuit” alarm. Should the live wire short against a ground wire, the loop current will rise to a high value, resulting in a “LV short circuit” condition. Three consecutive events are required before an alarm is announced (Earth loop monitoring
The earth wire for each zone must be wired in a loop. The monitor measures the value of an injected current flowing in this loop. Should this value drop below a pre-set level due to a cut ground wire, a “GND Loop open circuit” alarm is announced.
Data storage (Log file) All events, including date and time of an alarm or system problems will be stored in the microprocessor memory. The first-in, first-out memory can store max. 100 events.
Two siren outputs (left zone and right zone). Max. on-time is 3 minutes. (These outputs can also be used to switch the inputs of a security transmitter) Two strobe light outputs (left and right zone) remain “on” until reset (manual / automatic reset function selectable. One Aux. Input, which can be used to monitor the status of a gate. Mains input voltage can be between 100V and 250V (DC or AC). RS485 communication port with fused 12V connection for peripherals. (E.g.. Cable, F.O. converter, UHF radio). One common ground connection and two ground wire return connections (left and right). Two live wire connections (left and right). (The E.O.L. resistor must always be mounted at the end of a live wire). The E.O.L. resistor could also be mounted inside the energizer steel enclosure, provided the end of the live wire is wired back to this enclosure. It is in this case however possible for an intruder to short the live wire to the return wire and bypass the system.The BS102 operates with a Remote Control Unit/LCD Display and can communicate via a fixed address or via a broadcast address. The “reset” function is available during normal operation. The display can during normal operation display per energizer and per zone: HT alarm, LV open ckt, LV short ckt, battery low, mains failure, earth loop open, communication failure, HT low (system fault). Display scrolls between different faults. The User menu is accessible by the user via or without a user PIN code.

Remote Control Unit:

User Menu options (with or without password protection).
Switch the HV on or off for (optional) each individual unit.
Switch the display back light permanent on or to automatic on if an alarm occurs.
Enable/disable sirens
Read Fence voltage per unit.
Read event log (Last 100 entries)
Save settings.

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