The BS205 five-zone electric fence energizer is a 5-zone system and has been developed for the residential and small industrial applications. The BS205 system is a South African product which adheres to the highest international standards and is distributed to many countries worldwide.
The BS205 system can be used as a stand-alone unit or in a networked solution, using multiple BS205 units. Communication between the energizers is possible via copper, fibre, RF, ethernet and the Stinger 2-wire communication system.


Modular design for ease of maintenance and installation
Energizer feeds the live wire from both ends, and it is therefore impossible to bypass monitor by short circuiting the live and return wires.
8 Hour battery back-up in case of power failure.
Siren and strobe outputs
RS485 communication capability
Optional external LCD display/control unit
Event storage facility for up to 100 events (FIFO)
Password protection for user and installer
Unique ‘Bridging Alarm’ capability.
External Synchronizing capability.
Multiple energizers can be used on one fence section (Layered operation).
The system is fully controllable via the Stinger management software package.
Optional integrated SMS functionality for the display / control unit.
The patented fence current monitor ensures stable and reliable zoning information and is not dependant on resistance measurement.


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