Video surveillance/CCTV has been used for many years as an very effective means off securing properties. It forms part of an overall security stratagy and in the world today one needs to be in control of your enviroment. You need to be able to monitor and respond accourdingly. With our intergrated systems you are in absolute control of your enviroment. Remote acces via cell phones are possible with stable internet connection. We pride ourselfs on the equipment that we supply and install and as such Hikvision has been our choice of product for many years. We do not supply fleemarket kits.

A good security plan/protocol is only as good as the the equipment and the layers of protection it provides. You can have the best plan in place, but if your equipment is of low qaulity with distorted view, poor power and data transfer, poor recording abbillity you are not in control. 

We provide turnkey and taylor made solutions for all our customers with back up on the products.

Is it not time that you take control of your enviroment?

When making the decision to have Electronic Surveillance System installed you have to ask yourself some questions:

What and how far do you want to monitor.

What type of identification do you require from the cameras.

Analog or Digital system.

Do you need day/night IR capabillities.

Does the system have alarm reporting capabillities and will you be needing it.

Does the cameras need to be armoured or vandal proof.

How far will the cameras be from the DVR/NVR.

What type of cabling will be required.

Do you want a DIY or a proffesionally installed system

How long do you require the recordings to be kept.

Do you want to be able to monitor off site or via Cellphone app/laptop/PC.

Where will the monitor be installed or will you be viewing thru your TV. 

Do you want a flea market type and will be happy with poor qaulity footage.

At the end of the day it comes down to affordabillity, qaulity, service and needs. 

Let What a Shock design and install a suitable sytem for your needs, even providing you with the possibillity to expand as needs do change.





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